Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PowerShell: find recently modified AD groups

While working on the sync application for AD groups to Box groups, a need come up to find AD groups that were recently modified in the last 30 minutes. By simply using a filter on the "whenChanged" property, I was able to quickly find these groups and add them to the next sync run.

Posted a quick example to github

Monday, June 15, 2015

Beginning PowerShell Lab

A co-worker and I are giving a lab session called "Beginning PowerShell for Windows Systems Analysis" tomorrow at the UC Davis IT Security Symposium.

Below is a link to the GitHub repo for the lab PowerShell scripts. The lab systems are Win7 so I had to go back to the PowerShell 2.0 way of doing things. 

Since this course is a beginner session, I made most of examples one-liners. From doing the research for the lab, I was able to reduce my "Installed Applications" 40 line script down to 4 lines. Just have to appreciate the PowerShell Pipeline :)