Thursday, August 28, 2008

Installing DPM 2007 Agents on a Windows 2008 Server

Over the weekend I migrated over my DCs to Windows 2008 using completely new hardware for the new DCs. I ran into a problem with installing the DPM agents on Windows 2008 DCs. Here are some things I picked up along the way:

  • My migration over to a Windows 2008 Domain blew out the DPMRADCOMTrustedMachines and DPMRADmTrustedMachines AD groups. DPM creates these groups when you install the agent on a DC. In addition, the DPM server’s computer account was removed from the Distributed COM Users builtin AD group. Recreating these groups and placing the DPM server back into the above groups didn’t solve all the remote agent install problems

  • The current release of DPM does support Windows 2008

    However, I’m not the only one having trouble installing the agent

    I tried the QoS PS service fix but it didn’t work

  • Finally was able to install the DPM agent on a Windows 2008 system (my test Windows 2008 box) by adding the Windows Backup Server feature and starting the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator service.

    However, this didn’t allow me to backup the server’s system state. Only could backup regular files. Apparently, DPM is having problems with Windows 2008 System State

  • Found the lovely command call wbadmin. This command allows you to backup the complete server to a remote file location. Stores the data in a .vhd and .xml files.

    Ran the following command from my new DC:
    wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:\\myserver\dcbackup$ -include:c: -quiet
    It completed in around 20 minutes.

  • To recover a system you will need to know the version information of the backup.

    run wbadmin get versions -backuptarget: -machine:

    C:\Windows\system32>wbadmin get versions -backuptarget:\\myserver\dcbackup$ -machine:MYDC
    wbadmin 1.0 - Backup command-line tool
    (C) Copyright 2004 Microsoft Corp.

    Backup time: 8/24/2008 2:09 PM
    Backup target: Network Share labeled \\myserver\dcbackup$
    Version identifier: 08/24/2008-21:09
    Can Recover: Volume(s), File(s), Application(s), Bare Metal Recovery, System State

    Then run wbadmin start recovery -version: backuptarget: -machine:

    wbadmin recovery options

  • I configured a task on my DC to run this command every night at 1 AM. Since the backup location is on a file server DPM will back it up.
    During testing the command seemed to overwrite the backup files each time…I will test some more to verify this statement.
    Either way you could simply create different folders on the file server for each day and then create different tasks that go to different locations

Well now I have at least some kind of backup solution till the DPM team gets their act together on Windows 2008. Considering how DPM is totally reliant on a DC I might stick with this solution. I would hate to lose my DCs (in different buildings) and then not be able to recover my data due to no DC being available. Simply copy the files off the file server (if that is still standing) to an external USB drive and then attach it the new theory it should work but I don’t’ want to test it out or ever have to do it.

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