Friday, March 8, 2013

PowerShell: Find Old Accounts and Passwords

Yesterday, I got tasked with helping find all users accounts in an Active Directory domain that are older than four years and haven't changed their password or have passwords older than four years. The domain in question had only starting using password complexity four years ago and wanted an audit of which accounts might be non-compliant. I spent some time figuring out the proper syntax to the search filter but at least I know it now. Below is the script. Enjoy.

Script Name: Find_Old_Timers.ps1
Version: 1.0
Author: Dean Bunn
Last Edited: 03/08/2013
Description: Finds Old AD Accounts (in specific OUs) Older than Four Years Old
             with Passwords that have Never been Changed
             or are Older than Four Years Old

#Create DateTime Object for Four Years Ago
$dt4YrsAgo = (Get-Date).AddYears(-4);

#Var for Converted File Time Used for Password Last Set Filter 
$ftPLS = $dt4YrsAgo.ToFileTime().ToString();

#Constructing When Created Filter(Should Look Like 20130302000000.0Z)
$wcYear = $dt4YrsAgo.Year.ToString();
$wcMonth = "{0:D2}" -f $dt4YrsAgo.Month;
$wcDay = "{0:D2}" -f $dt4YrsAgo.Day;
$sWC = $wcYear + $wcMonth + $wcDay + "000000.0Z";

#Reporting Array
$report = @();

#Var for Showing Progress
$x = 0;

#Array of OUs to Check Against
$arrOUs = @("LDAP://OU=External,DC=MyCollege,DC=edu",

foreach($ouADsPath in $arrOUs)
    #Directory Entry for OU to Search
    $deOU = [adsi]$ouADsPath;
    #Search OU for All User Accounts Meeting the Search Criteria
    $dsSearch = New-Object DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher($deOU);
    $dsSearch.filter = "(&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=*)(whenCreated<=$sWC)(|(pwdlastset<=$ftPLS)(pwdlastset=0)(pwdlastset=9223372036854775807)))";
    $dsSearch.PageSize = 900;
    $dsSearch.SearchScope = "SubTree";
    $srResults = $dsSearch.Findall();
    #Loop Through All Search Results
    foreach($srResult in $srResults)
        Write-Output $x.ToString();
        #Retrieve DirectoryEntry for the User Account
        $deADUser = $srResult.GetDirectoryEntry();
        #Null Check on the DirectoryEntry Object
            #Create Custom Object for Reporting
            $cstPCUser = New-Object PSObject;
            $cstPCUser | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "UserID" -Value "";
            $cstPCUser | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "UPN" -Value "";
            $cstPCUser | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "CN" -Value "";
            $cstPCUser | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "UAC" -Value ""
            $cstPCUser | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "PasswordChanged" -Value "";
         $cstPCUser | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "LastLoginTimeStamp" -Value "";
            #Pull Basic Account Information
            $cstPCUser.UserID = $deADUser.sAMAccountName.ToString().ToLower();
            $cstPCUser.UPN = $deADUser.userPrincipalName.ToString().ToLower();
            $cstPCUser.CN = $;
            #Check Last Password Change
            if($srResult.Properties["pwdlastset"][0].ToString() -ne "9223372036854775807" -and $srResult.Properties["pwdlastset"][0].ToString() -ne "0")
                $cstPCUser.PasswordChanged = ([System.DateTime]::FromFileTime($["pwdlastset"][0])).ToString();
                $cstPCUser.PasswordChanged = "Not Set";
            #Account Status Check
                   512 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Enabled"}
                   514 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Disabled"}
                   520 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Enabled"}
                   522 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Disabled"}
                   544 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Enabled"}
                   546 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Disabled"}
                   66048 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Enabled"}
                   66050 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Disabled"}
                   66080 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Enabled"}
                   66082 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Disabled"}
                   8388608 {$cstPCUser.UAC = "Password Expired"}
                   default {$cstPCUser.UAC = "unknown"}
               #Convert Last Logon Timestamp (If Exists)
                $cstPCUser.LastLoginTimeStamp = ([System.DateTime]::FromFileTime($srResult.Properties["lastlogontimestamp"][0])).ToShortDateString();
            #Add Custom Object to Report Collection
            $report += $cstPCUser;
        }#End of $deADUser Null Check
    }#End of $srResults Foreach
}#End of $arrOUs Foreach

#Get Current Short Date
$rptFileDate = Get-Date -Format d;
#Var for CSV File Name
$fileName = "Old_Timers_Password_Change_Report_" + $rptFileDate.ToString().Replace("/","-") + ".csv";
#Export CSV Report
$report | Sort-Object UserID | Export-CSV $fileName -NoTypeInformation ;

###### End of Script ###################

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